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As promised, I am going to share you freelancing sites that you can join for free. Basically, you will need to bid for the jobs that you think you are qualified to do. It could be overwhelming and frustrating at first, but as soon as you get feedback and the experience from these freelancing sites, you’ll see that the possibilities of income streams are endless. You can also start checking and bidding on freelances project offered on each websites listed below.

1. Odesk.com

I have been a member of oDesk since October of 2009, but became active in early 2010. Currently, oDesk is my main bread and butter. Some people complain about the oDesk application, basically the app takes screenshots of your desktop when you are working hourly jobs. You don’t need to run the app if you are working on a fixed price job.

2. Elance.com– I am also a member of Elance, but never really bid on projects. I have heard some people making money through this freelancing site, so it wouldn’t hurt if you register and try.

3. Guru.com– is another freelance site. I have joined this site 5 years ago and never was unlucky in finding a job. However, there are fortunate individuals who have worked their way up and are very successful in getting projects at guru.com

4. Vworker.com– vworker. Com was formerly known as rent-a-coder. Prior, the site was more on – you guessed it- hiring freelance coders. Now, they’ve expanded their focus and you can see virtual assistant jobs graphic designers and more. Also, they now have an almost the same application as oDesk. If you landed an hourly job you will have to use the app. What I don’t like about vworker is that they stated that their app takes 10 screenshots versus oDesk’s app 6 screenshots. Also, the fee is a bit higher compared to oDesk. What I do like about vworker is that there are great amounts of job postings, but little competition.

5. People per Hour.com– I just joined this freelancing site last week. I do like the simplicity of the site. What I don’t like about it is that – if you want to bid for more projects you will need to buy credits. Also, 60 % to 70% of the job postings require that you reside in the UK. What I like about the site is that the employers aren’t cheap. You’ll see that lots of the employers are willing to pay 6 to 9 euros for simple projects.

Perhaps you’ve been looking forward in finding a freelance data entry jobs or freelance researcher jobs– the 5 freelance sites provided above will help you get started.

May 172011

Virtual Assistant Employment

You landed on this page with one thing in mind- you are seeking for virtual assistant employment. Fortunately, you came to the right place, in this blog post I talk about virtual assistant positions that are available online. I am assuming that you have a basic idea of what a virtual assistant does and what types of services a virtual assistant provides (you might want to read my post How to be a virtual assistant? In case, you don’t know what types of services a VA provides this post will also give you a bit of walk through on how to get started in becoming a virtual assistant).

Virtual Assistant or VA as many seasoned freelance internet expert provider calls it, is one of the most in-demand online jobs. I started working as virtual assistant and although, my job title has improved, I still consider myself as VA. Employers/business owners are turning to outsourcing because it does save them money and over head expenses. Also, it is easier for them to find a skillful worker online, instead of looking for someone within their vicinity. Outsourcing freelance jobs such as oDesk and Elance has become great portals for employers in search of virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistant Employments are not hard to find; however, you need to have the ability to do the job. Employers’ needs varies greatly, some employers might need a VA who is capable of just doing regular appointment setting and phone calls. At times, an employer might need a virtual assistant who is knowledgeable in the technical field. (Read my post: How to be a virtual assistant).

Now that we covered the basics, you can go ahead and explore virtual assistant employment opportunities. See my “Freelancing Sites” blog post for a complete list of sites offering freelance virtual assistant jobs at home.


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May 162011

Seriously, is working at home-employment possible? The answer is yes and in this post, I discuss about the things that you can do from home that will enable you to earn money in the coziness of your own home.

There are tons of employers online that are looking for skilled freelance service providers. You might want to study or learn this area, enhance your skills and start providing freelance services.  To give you an idea, I compiled a list of what kind of skills are highly in demand.

working at home-employment

I Work Home Jobs and I don't have to worry about my outfit!

  • Virtual Assistance/Virtual PA– This job is similar to working as a secretary, office assistant or admin assistant. Mind you, virtual assistance jobs are not only for females, there are males who work efficiently in this area. So, if you are organized, dependable and diligent—make sure to check out the opportunities related to this job positions. Don’t worry, I will not keep you hanging as I will give you more information about this in my post entitled “Virtual Assistant Employment.”
  • Data Entry– Data Entry Specialists usually help employers in doing simple and repetitive tasks.  Actually, in the freelance world Data Entry is considered a non-skilled job. However, I don’t consider it as such. Many think that this type of job does not require a skill as long as you can copy and paste. Well, not necessarily, there are a data entry job that requires a worker to have a fast typing speed, great attention to detail and good listening ears. Data Entry does not only cover up copy and pasting, some jobs such as transcription basically falls into the data entry job type. We all know that in order to transcribe a person must have an excellent listening ear and a decent typing speed. So, don’t believe the notion that Data Entry is non-skills job. I will discuss more about Data Entry in post entitled: “Home Work- Data Entry.”

  • Writing– Content writing or article writing has a huge demand nowadays. If you enjoy writing and can write well, you won’t have any problem finding a job in this area. With writing jobs, you only need to of course have a good grasp of the English language and good grammar (notice that I said good and not excellent, I’ll explain this to you later) to get hired. Aside from good grammar skills, you’ll need a pen and paper or word processing program to get started.  I’ll discuss this further in my post entitled:” Writing jobs at home.” I will also provide the websites/companies that are looking for freelance writers.
  • Blogging– I know, I know I already added writing and then here I go again discussing about blogging. Well, as you may have noticed I mentioned above you’ll need good grammar skills, a pen and a paper or a word processing program to start with your writing gig. Obviously, the same things are or probably needed if you want to get your foot into the blogging world. However, with blogging you need to have blogging skills, that being said you must know what a blog is what blogging system (i.e. WordPress or blogspot) to use and so forth.  I will discuss this further along with additional resources in my post entitled: “Money in Blogs.”
  • Customer Service– Have you ever wondered who you are talking to when you contact the support of the credit card companies? Some people may already know that many of the call service representatives’ sits and work at home. Customer service representatives work on different aspects and support level of businesses. Also, I’d like to emphasize that customer service type of jobs do not only focus on inbound and outbound calls. There are also customer service jobs that do not involve the use of telephone. Chat support and email support also falls in this category. I’ll cover this in my blog post entitled: “Telecommute Positions.”
  • Tele-Marketing/Tele-Sales– If you can market a product on the phone without sweat, tele-marketing jobs are not a bad idea. Not many have the skills to communicate to clients and market or sell a product through the phone. I recommend that you go ahead and try working as a tele-marketer if you have the skills for it. Aside from hourly pay, companies are also paying for commission- not a bad deal after all.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – The demand for this job is always high and hot. Employers are always searching for SEO expert to help them drive traffic to their website and increase their ROI.
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing) – Social Media has become an awesome marketing tool on the internet. And lots of employers and companies are taking advantage of Social Media, to help them get the words out about their companies and the services and products that they offer. Although, Social Media covers several medium, majority of companies only focuses on two of the most used Social Networking Platform- Twitter and Facebook. So, if you already know how to use Facebook and Twitter and you know how to create posts or statuses that are engaging and informative then you have a big advantage of landing a job as a Social Media Marketer.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)- Although, SEO and SEM goal is to increase website traffic and page rank, these two varies in that SEO promotes the site with the use of highly searchable organic keywords, while, SEM uses paid links/inclusion and advertisements.
  • Internet Marketing – This area covers the three skills mentioned above, SEO, SMM and SEM. You have more chances of getting hired if you are proficient in doing SEO, SMM and SEM.

Now let’s talk about the working at home- employment for Techies (a person proficient in technical or technological aspects.

  • Web Designing – If you have a great eye for a good design and know how to code sites using HTML and CSS then you have a great chance of getting hired as a web designer.
  • Web Development/Developers– this area usually requires programming skills. Employers are searching for skilled web developers to create a site that is dynamic and interactive. Most of the time an employer will look for someone who has knowledge in PHP & MySQL and also JavaScript. I’d like to add that WordPress development is one of the most sought-after skills in the freelance world. It wouldn’t hurt if you learn this or hone your skills in this area.
  • Programmers– This is another area that in huge demand. Aside from web development, there are numerous employers that are in search for excellent programmers. I added this category separately because companies have different needs. For instance, an employer is looking for an iPhone application developer. Thus, a programmer with the knowledge and expertise in developing iPhone application is needed.

Other examples are:

*iPad Application Development

*Android application developers

* Facebook App developers

*Software/APP development

*Plugin/Extension Programmers

*Game Development

  • Graphic Designing– Companies are always in need of talented graphic artists. Graphic designing covers several areas including print ads, brochures, web graphics and more.
  • Project Management– Companies and employers will definitely need someone to organize and manage their team of virtual employees. As a virtual project manager, you are expected to have a variety of skill sets. You have big chances of landing a job as project manager especially if you have studied Information Technology, Business Administration and Computer Science. Also, if you are a certified project manager the better.


Don’t let your guard down as of yet , if you don’t have a degree or a certification, but you have experience in managing  a team of workers and is able to organize business processes, then you are definitely qualified in becoming a project manager (Aahh, the beauty of freelance jobs).

So Folks, there you have it! This wraps up – Working at home- employment!

Don’t have the skills mentioned above and you don’t like computer jobs? And you don’t like sitting and working in front of the computer for longer hours? Don’t worry in my post entitled: “Make Make Money Money Online Ways!” – In this post, I will discuss making money doing what you love to do, like crocheting, knitting and more.


Note: The other posts are still in progress. I only released this blog last week, so I ask for your patience; I will update this blog regularly. So, bookmark this page or email me so I can notify you when I publish new information.